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Loans Made

We have helped 5 for a total of $125 to date

$25 to Sơn in Vietnam

For Food

Mr Sơn is 27 years old and married with two children. He has operated a food stall/restaurant selling fish sauce for five years. Sơn lives in Tinh Gia district, a rural town in Thanh Hoa province. His family is a low-income household in a village; moreover, the market need is low in this region.

In 2016, Sơn joined Thanh Hoa Microfinance Institution to improve his business. Sơn has successfully repaid two loans from Thanh Hoa Microfinance Institution. Sơn is a reputable person in the community.

The main hardship that Sơn faces is lack of capital. He is requesting a loan to purchase fish to make fish sauce to sell. With his business profit, Sơn hopes for his business to do well and be successful and for his family to be healthy and happy.

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$25 to Aun in Cambodia

For Farming

Aun is living in Dambae district, Tbaung Khmum province, with his beloved wife. Growing rice and cassava has been the main income source of the family for almost four years. Besides this activity, he also works for another to get a fee for the family after his rest time from agriculture planting. These activities allow him to save around 2 dollars per day.

Lacking working capital to expand his farmland, he decided to apply for a loan with VisionFund with the purpose to buy more seeds, fertilizers, and pesticide. For the remaining balance, he would pay for the plowing fee in order to prepare his farmland. He hopes that he can get higher yields from this growing, and that his living will be better than before.

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$25 to Hoa in Vietnam

For Primary/secondary school costs

Mrs. Hoa is 49 years old and she is married. She lives in Thanh Hoa city, a semi-urban town in Thanh Hoa Province. She has had a service business, selling clothes for five years. Her family is drinking rainwater. Her work is not stable, so when in her children school start, she doesn't have money to pay for tuition fees.

The main hardship that she faces is lack of money to keep sending her children to school. She is requesting a loan to purchase books, school supplies, a computer and to pay school fees for her children.

In 2012, Hoa joined Thanh Hoa Microfinance Institution to improve her business. She has successfully repaid five loans from Thanh Hoa Microfinance Institution. With her business profits, Hoa hopes for her family to be healthy and happy, for her children to do well in school, and for her business to do well.

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$25 to Sinoeun Group in Cambodia

For Farming

Sinoeun is a farmer in the Prey Veng province of Cambodia. She is married and has two school-aged children. She has been cultivating rice and raising fish to earn additional income to support her family since 2000. Her family is also supported by her husband who is a policeman. This couple typically makes about 15 USD each day.

Sinoeun wishes to expand her fish-raising business but lacks financing. Currently, she is asking for a loan with Kredit MFI. She is the group leader of a three-member group and is standing first on the right in the picture.

She will use her portion of the loan to purchase more fish to fatten and sell. She sees that this loan will allow her to enlarge her business and increase her daily income as well.

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$25 to Central Catavi Group in Bolivia

For Cattle

The A.C. "Central Catavi" will begin its first cycle with Pro Mujer as part of the Copacabana Focus Center. It is made up of ten members and is led by a board where Mrs. Martha presides as president. The loan they are taking out will benefit small microentrepreneurs, Mrs. Martha being one of them. Currently she has a business that sells cheese, she has it be known that she learned this business from her mother several years ago. The loan she is currently taking out will be to increase capital in order to purchase beef cattle which she will acquire from the sellers in her community. This will subsequently serve as a means of production. This way of working will allow her to generate resources to support her family economically as she is single and the mother of two children.

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