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We offer a unique way to empower the world’s poorest, who have historically been locked out of many business opportunities we take for granted. There is absolutely no cost to you – simply purchase the things you would regularly purchase at leading online retailers through our website. We earn a small commission of the sale price. We then loan out 100% of these funds to budding entrepreneurs and business owners in the developing world. You get a great deal while knowing you’re helping provide sustainable opportunities to those who need it most.


"Instead of treating the poor as objects of our pity we see them as creative individuals."

We aim to treat people in the underdeveloped world with dignity and respect, not pity. The biggest barrier for many people in the developing world who are wishing to start up a business or small enterprise is finance. They simply don’t have access to the same borrowing opportunities that many of us take for granted. Therefore instead of treating the poor as objects of our pity we see them as creative individuals. Instead of motivating people to donate through guilt, we generate income through people being happy to use us for their everyday online spending. Instead of constantly giving money to the poor, we strategically lend to creative entrepreneurs who will then become empowered to help their families and entire communities. Spend To Lend aims to better the lives of the world’s poorest through enterprise, not aid. This provides them with self-motivation and determination while creating a long-term solution instead of a feel-good moment for donors.

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There are ways that every single person viewing this website can help us empower the impoverished and provide opportunity to poor communities around the world. Even if you have a budget of nothing then there are still ways to get involved in our mission.

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By purchasing a product or service through us we earn affiliate commission. 100% of this is loaned out to assist people in the developing world who have big ideas but little in the way of capital to get things moving.

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Because 100% of the commission we earn is used to make loans, this means we have a very limited marketing budget. We therefore rely on good folk such as yourself to spread the word and let others know that there is an easy way to provide opportunities to others at no cost to themselves.

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Like our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with our news and milestones. See the loans we are making and the ways they are changing the lives of people all around the world.

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We rely on grassroots promotion from our users so as to maximise our revenue and ensure it gets where it should. Therefore when you link to one of our pages or articles it is an immense help to us and is never underestimated. Please consider linking from your homepage or even writing a blog post about what we do.


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